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Hey there, I'm Tracey!


1) You’re on the hunt for the perfect color palette package for a creative project, wedding colors, wall paint for the home or office, or brand colors for your website, blog and social media presence.

2) You’re looking for unique, easy and affordable ways to bring your favorite colors and art into your home, office and cozy spaces.

Causeways Palette’s story began in 2019 on Pinterest, where I first introduced my color palettes under the account name Authentic Days and Beach Causeways. Those early days were filled with passion, sleepless nights and a energetic desire to share the beauty of color with the world. As the sands shifted and the tides turned, I embraced a new chapter, and thus Days and Causeways was born.

However, my journey did not end there. I continued to grow, adapt, and refine my vision until I reached the pinnacle of creative transformation as Causeways Palette. This name aligns to my energetic vibrations and will remain the name of the color and pattern branch of my creative design business.

It's important to note that the color palettes that are marked Authentic Days and Beach Causeways and the iconic palm tree logo are indeed older creations crafted at the beginning of my creative journey.

"Color is a beautiful tool that has the power to change your mood, energetic vibrations and if you let it, your soul."

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