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Let me guess...

You're savoring a Saturday, immersed in Pinterest, where you just found that heart-fluttering color palette for your next project, pinning it pronto and headed here for more information on your new beauty!

Or...Did you just discover a stunning pattern design that screams "background for my website/blog" and "matching coffee mug?”

Or maybe...You're were on quest for wall art that fits your vibe and brings personality to your neutral colored walls…(walls that you can’t paint) and just found the wall art that matches your vibe to a “T”?

Well, whatever made you click that link and arrive here today, Thank you, I am so glad to have you.

Whether you're a blogger, brand, designer, artist, handmade or e-commerce small business, holistic practitioner, crafter or homeowner seeking that perfect flavor and personality infusion, know that I've crafted this space with your uniqueness in mind.

The colors you select for your home go beyond mere hues; they echo the very essence of your being and how you wish others to perceive your space. In the realm of your brand, business, or blog, they become the defining strokes of your narrative. The patterns you choose for your creative projects, whether meticulously hand-crafted or printed on demand, hold profound significance within the niche you've passionately carved out. Each design becomes a language, speaking volumes about your creativity and passion.

Consider the printed wall art that adorns your cozy spaces—a silent storyteller that greets you as you enter and bids you farewell as you leave. How do you want this sanctuary to resonate with your soul? How do you want to feel when you step into this personal haven?

Together, let's make your vision visually stunning and authentically you. Your journey is important, and I'm excited to be part of it. Welcome to a world of creative possibilities!


  • Create Captivating Color

    I aim to infuse your world with vibrant color palettes that breathe life into your project, brand, business, or entrepreneurial venture.

  • Design Pattern Magic

    Unique pattern designs – both Seamless and Non-Seamless – perfect for personal and commercial use, with built in extended use licenses.

  • Compliment your Surroundings

    I specialize in creating printable wall art that complements your surroundings and captures the essence of who you are.

  • Coming Soon!

    More to come in the new year about this new addition to Causeways Palette!

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Behind the Screen

Much like lifestyle bloggers who share their life experiences through their posts, writers through their stories, and musicians through their music, I share my life through color palettes, surface patterns and abstract artwork designs.

Most days, you can find me behind a screen, whether it be a desktop, laptop or iPad, designing pattern designs and color palettes, or learning how to design website Squarespace websites.

When I am not designing or moving the furniture around in the house for a bit of a “change”, I can be found practicing yoga meditating, walking to The Martian, swimming in the pool, reading my holistic and esoteric courses, cooking, spending time with my husband and taking care of our home.

(The image is of me when I was 15, doing my drafting homework)

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